Weeknote for 4/9/2023



For the final week in this iteration of housekeeping, I finished up some remaining tasks. (1) On audio digitizing, I sorted the rest of the cassettes and copied a few more to the computer. (2) I cleaned my freezer and let it run a couple of days before moving the food. (3) I did some actual tidying and got some donations ready for Goodwill. They’d been sitting in my living room for a year or two.



This week my main personal project joins my work project on continuing my software development notes. I did nothing last week on this, so the extra time is welcome. I’ll do some organizing of my notes and plans, and then I’ll start on probably the topic of software requirements. Or maybe a little on lifecycle.



I finished the fantastic Dictionary of Biblical Imagery. I did feel it helped me appreciate the Bible more. I was especially struck by the attention it drew to the Bible’s tenderness toward families and children.


On the everyday prayer project, I settled on the short list of prayers I’ll use for the first version, and I condensed another prayer from Every Moment Holy. After testing all the chatbots I use, I’ve decided this is a project to write myself. But I’m still using text-to-speech for the audio.

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