Weeknote for 4/16/2023



On the software development notes, I sorted the topics outline. I wanted to revise the whole project intro, but I’ll have to get to it this week.



I spent Sunday afternoon making a big spreadsheet to hold examples of different shorthand letter combinations. I wrote a small program to generate the combinations, and it was an interesting experiment in comparing the chatbots I consulted for the code. Phind got closest to what I was looking for.



I visited a great blue heron rookery near a trail I sometimes walk. It was impressive, and on a later trip I’m hoping to see the eagles that are rumored to share the woods with them.



I set up Cakewalk to practice for the worship team and record music. Saturday I spontaneously decided this was the day to set up a DAW to use with my keyboard. I figured the new virtual instruments would make practicing more interesting. So I installed the free Cakewalk and then spent a lot of time shrinking the sound delay so it would be playable. The culprit was Microsoft GM Wavetable Synth. So now I have a way to record MIDI from my keyboard. This lets me capture random snippets I want to keep as I’m messing around.

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