Weeknote for 4/23/2023


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I did nothing on the software development notes. I’d been looking forward to this project, but now that it’s here, I’m strangely unmotivated, and I’ve let other activities crowd my time. So the next step is to figure that out, and then hopefully I can make better progress.



I started listening to Ann Radcliff’s Romance of the Forest for a book group at work. It’s a classic Gothic novel that earned some praise from ST Joshi in his Unutterable Horror, so I’m looking forward to it.


pensive face

Netflix announced they’re shuttering their DVD service at the end of September. The news was a little depressing because the service has been such a valuable source for hard-to-access video, but it tells me what shows and movies to prioritize for the next few months before they’re gone.


grimacing face

I watched Starship’s rather surreal orbital test launch on Thursday. It was a successful failure in terms of gathering flight data before the rocket exploded, but its environmental impacts were larger than officially expected, mainly from the way it flung concrete chunks from the launch pad everywhere and blew clouds of dust up to 5 miles away. I hope this pushes SpaceX toward moving Starship away from Boca Chica and its wildlife refuge. But in any case, the launch complex was so damaged the next launch will apparently be delayed an indeterminate time for repair and redesign. This isn’t great news for the Artemis program, where Starship is supposed to be the lunar lander.

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