Weeknote for 4/30/2023



I got myself unstuck on my software development notes. I used some of my neglected productivity practices and succeeded in taking some notes for rewriting the project’s intro. Maybe I can finish that this week.



In my renewed push to focus on my projects, I’m returning to my car picnics from yesteryear to give myself a distraction-free place to work. Sitting in my car I tend to get a lot more done. For a car picnic my meals need to be portable, and in the evenings my lunch bag is occupied with the next day’s lunch, so to set myself up for dinnertime picnics, I spent an hour or two shopping for a second bag and a covered glass dish.



I installed an offline chatbot called FreedomGPT and have spent way too much time messing with it. Judging by its marketing and press coverage, you’d think it was the far-right version of ChatGPT, but really it’s just more cooperative. It’ll take pretty much whatever perspective you give it, though often it still tries to uphold human rights. I’m having fun trolling it with my typical absurdist mode of conversation. It gets more confused than ChatGPT, but it tries to keep up and complains very little. The perfect conversation partner!



Now that the world is green again, I’m out exploring new parks and new corners of old parks. I’m thinking of making some maps of unmarked trails using my GPS walk tracking app.

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  1. Linda W. says:

    I like the notion of a car picnic, especially with the weather getting warmer.

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