Weeknote for 5/7/2023



On the software development notes, I posted an updated intro and outline. I’ve also been relistening to SWEBOK and Steve McConnell’s Rapid Development to motivate myself and refresh my memory, and interacting with that material will be my next step. I’m extending this project until at least June 17, with a couple of weeks’ break for summer housekeeping starting May 21.



I took the plunge on a paid account at OpenAI just so I could play around with petertodd prompts. petertodd is a glitch token that evokes weird responses from GPT models. Here’s a fun recent example I got to work. I also spent a fascinated weekend listening to the petertodd folktales from the original report.



I got the ball rolling on the latest change to my medication. My insurance is dropping their coverage of Xeljanz and requesting that I switch to Rinvoq. They sent me a letter about it. I learned my lesson from my delay on the last change and called the doctor ASAP. Hopefully this change won’t be a problem, but if, so, at least this time I’ll have done what I could. And I appreciate the medical system’s efforts at keeping me from boredom.



I had surprise animal encounters at a farm where I walked. For some reason I wasn’t expecting cows, sheep, and chickens, only crops. I will definitely be back!


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