Weeknote for 5/14/2023



On the software development notes, I finished reorganizing the topic outline and wrote a bunch of notes for the longer intro. But I’m still deciding how much of that to post on the wiki. In the meantime, I’ll move on to the software lifecycle topic.



I’m experimenting with longer grocery shopping trips. I’m still trying to reduce my time on food management. My latest experiment is shopping for two weeks instead of one. I’m used to once a month from our family routine growing up, but for me two weeks of planning feels like enough of a stretch. Last week was the first of those, so now I have this week free of shopping. But I might spend the extra time catching up on cooking.



I collected AI news digests and more chatbots. AI news is like a firehose right now, and each summary service covers different stories, so I’m trying a bunch of them to see which ones settle as my favorites. And new chatbots come out every week, so I’m collecting the ones that are easily available to use online. Sometimes when I have a question I like to consult several to get their differing perspectives. And it’s interesting to compare their styles of creative writing.

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