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Hello. It’s time I blogged again. I really wish I did more of it, and perhaps I will. I am again trying to get control of my daily routine. Time. My nemesis. Anyway, in the 30 minutes I have left till I am supposed to go to bed, I will tell you what I’ve been up to.

Mostly I’ve been watching DVDs of TV shows. Before it was only TNG (Star Trek: The Next Generation), which I’ve been working through for the past year or so. The next Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine, began in season 6 of TNG, so I started the DS9 DVDs when I got to that point. I was looking forward to it because although I had found the show boring when it first aired, the people at TrekBBS spoke highly of it, as if it were really the most sophisticated Star Trek series. And you know what? They were right. I was pretty dense when it came to following plots and character development back in the old days, and I didn’t care about the things the show was about, like society and politics, but now that I’m a little more aware and open to new things, I was hooked right off the bat. I posted this on TrekBBS, and they welcomed me to the club. 🙂 They also told me it gets better (I was almost at the end of season 3), which I pretty much already knew. I started season 4 tonight, and all I’ll say is that those writers sure weren’t afraid to shake things up! Well, wouldn’t want the galaxy to stagnate I guess.

Those DVDs were from the public library. Then I discovered Netflix. Of course, I had heard of it before. I just didn’t think I’d ever watch enough movies to justify a monthly fee. But as time went on and my list of obscure things to watch grew, particularly TV series on DVD, the siren call of Netflix grew too tempting, and about a week ago I signed up. The first series I’ve been renting is Firefly, which I’ve been watching with my brother. We’re becoming instant fans so we can watch the movie in the right frame of mine. And it hasn’t been hard. That was a good show! It sticks in the mind. I hope Joss Whedon can start it up again after the movie. He’s said he’s willing.

While waiting for Firefly DVDs, we’ve been watching another series (from the library), Farscape. But I will have to continue this tomorrow. Good night!

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