Update for 4/8/2018



Sunday morning my brother and I went to our usual Easter church. Jeremy’s family joined us. The service was good, but it didn’t feel quite as celebratory as usual. I think that was mainly a combination of us sitting in the back, out of the middle of things, and the service being more streamlined.

After church we had a lunch of delicious Indian food at the home of some friends from church. Then I took Michael to the airport and watched some Foyle’s War with Tim. A nice Easter.

Life management


As part of my effort to organize my life, I made a grocery shopping system. Step 1: I made a list of all the things I buy on a regular basis. Step 2: I divided them into separate lists based on how often I buy them. Step 3: I put the lists into my to-do app (Nirvana) as recurring tasks. Step 4: I made plans to find out which things I could pick up cheaply at Aldi. That would happen during my first scheduled shopping trip this week.

I’ve been wanting a system like that for years, so it’s a relief to finally set it up. I picked up the idea from my mom. I’m hoping now I’ll be able to think much less about grocery shopping.



I finished Powersat. 4/5. It wasn’t the most profound story, but it was entertaining and did the job of getting the series off the ground.

A couple of weeks ago, thanks to an ebook I made at work, I found the singer/author Andrew Peterson and his Wingfeather Saga series. His Rabbit Room site intrigued me, so I thought his novels might be worth reading, and I checked out the first book in the series, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. I was pleased to find it’s really good! The British narrator makes it even better.

Beliefs report


I updated my spirituality report with a bibliography of potential sources. Now I’m taking a break from officially working on both that and the beliefs report. Unofficially, I suspect I’ll still be thinking and reading about them.


For example, after the Wingfeather book I’m going to listen to a biography that just came out, Becoming Dallas Willard. He’s kind of one of my spiritual heroes, so I’m looking forward to it.


To balance things out, I’m also reading Trusting Doubt, a critique of evangelicalism byΒ  Valerie Tarico, who’s a fellow Wheaton College alum. I found her when an article she wrote showed up in my feeds. It was about the Ancestral Story that forms the core of the conservative viewpoint. I found it very insightful.



Wednesday morning the company held a memorial service for an employee who’d died unexpectedly the day after Easter. His sister also works there. I thought it was very kind of them to host it. I didn’t know him, but during the service I felt a certain kinship with him because he was an introvert who cared a lot about his work. He was also a geek who liked board games and Star Wars. Maybe we would’ve gotten along.

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