Weeknote for 3/6/2022



I didn’t do anything on fixing the website. My project time was taken up by invoicing. Maybe this week.



My birthday is this week, and I’m taking the day off. I asked myself what I wanted for my birthday, and it was a free day not dominated by chores where I could work on some of the projects I care about. I still have some planning to do for it, but the topics of the day will mainly be modeling, a bit of Haskell, and maybe some requirements engineering.



Folgers Columbian Ground Coffee: 3/5. It was good most of the time but sour too much of the time.

I was indoctrinated by a FredrikKnudsen livestream into loose leaf tea snobbery. I haven’t become a snob yet, but his enthusiasm motivated me to try it out. Later in the week my boss gave me some of his Ahmad Green Tea with Earl Grey, so now I can see what it’s like without too much expense.



Like the first time I read it, I felt a strong connection to Taran Wanderer. I too am on a continual quest to define myself. In my opinion a person is too broad and varied to be described by one term, but I came up with “Andy Creator,” and I think that’s a decent starting place. Maybe in that case I should do more creating. Maybe the productivity system I’m creating will help me do that.



I scanned some prayers from Every Moment Holy. Next I’ll edit them each down to a few lines. Then I’ll create audio files for them and find ways to integrate them into my routines.

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