Weeknote for 2/27/2022



I’m taking a break from my main projects to fix my website. Not only has someone asked me about a page on the wiki, but I’m working on something new to post there. So it’s time to prioritize it.



I made slight progress on preparing the Emacs commands for mnemonicization. Next I’ll take a close look at my time tracker to see what’s still crowding out my time for projects like this one and what I can do about it. As for the Org project itself, I’ll pick it up again sometime after I fix the website.


My housekeeping practice is achieving its goal of reducing my cleaning time and procrastination. Last week I trimmed my kitchen cleaning timer from 37 minutes to 15. This week I’ll try to do the same with my bedroom and living room time. A regular schedule for cleaning is also taking shape. It helps that I’m attaching it to my evening routine.



I’ve come up with a limit of two sweetener packets for making tea enjoyable. Anything beyond that will earn the tea a 2 rating. Otherwise it can probably have a 4. Celestial Seasonings’ Fruit Tea Sampler runs up against the limit, but they all ended up 4s. Most of them are too tart on their own. The exception is the milder Country Peach Passion.

Tazo’s Classic Chai was a 4 all by itself. I think I’ve only had chai once before, and I wasn’t impressed. Maybe the milk dampened the experience. But before trying the Vanilla Chai my friend Heather recommended, I wanted to reacquaint myself with regular chai, and Tazo’s won me over.

Current events


Like many, I’ve been keeping an eye on the unfolding events in Ukraine. The conflict feels dire and consequential. I have no wise words, but this touching Instagram postΒ has lodged in my mind.

The relaxing of COVID rules is making me set my personal policies more carefully. My goal for basically the whole pandemic has been to avoid long COVID. I’m on a decades-long quest to escape brain fog and fatigue, and I’m finally making progress. Now is not the time to risk setbacks. Plus there’s still the possibility of spreading an asymptomatic infection to strangers. So for now I’ll keep wearing a mask in crowded places, and I’ll probably avoid indoor dining. But I’ll keep watching what public health experts are saying.



My Lent project this year is another attempt at last year’s everyday prayer project. It didn’t stick the first time, but I’m in a better position to carry it out this year. I have better tools and practices for following routines, and I have the print version of Every Moment Holy so I’m not just working from the audio.

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