Update for 5/1/2016

Project updates

  • Math relearning – I got through two pre-K modules (out of five) toward the end of the week and posted my comments for one of them, PK Module 1, so my reading is moving faster now. I also posted some links to developmental math textbooks for people who don’t want to slog through a P-12 curriculum. I’m hoping to get through the rest of pre-K this week and Kindergarten by the end of next week, and then I’ll take a break to focus on other projects.
  • Diet – My blood test for cholesterol and a bunch of other things was Monday, so in a week or two I should find out if my low-carb diet helped. If it helped too much or too little, I’ll relax the diet. My cooking experiment this week was low-carb no bake cookies, which tasted much more like dark chocolate than like peanut butter, but I like them. Once I finish my Truvia, the next sugar substitute I want to try is maltitol, the one Atkins uses in their snacks.
  • Daily routine – The beginnings of my evenings last week went basically according to plan, and I got plenty of work done on my projects, but my discipline faded toward the end of the day, especially when the evening was interrupted by a nap, so I didn’t get to my walk most days or my devotions any day, and my bedtimes were as inconsistent as usual. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do to address all that this week.

Life updates

  • Clothes – So after I went to all that effort to buy new work clothes, my employer changed the dress code to allow jeans every day, starting Monday. I’ll either keep my usual clothing habits or save my dress pants for other purposes and buy some more jeans and a couple more casual work shirts.
  • Socializing – I found out at the last minute that TableTop Day was going to be Saturday, so I didn’t do anything for it, unless you count A Fake Artist Goes to New York at lunch on Friday, though I would have tried to play something with Tim after our dinner on Saturday if he hadn’t been too tired to stay. Sunday night I had dinner with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while, which makes me think about other friends I don’t see often that I might want to get together with.
  • Video games – My quest for online socializing through multiplayer games continued last week when I started playing RuneScape while my new streamer who plays that game was streaming, which made him very happy, so maybe I’ll keep playing it, especially if Sumurai8 plays more often. I still haven’t applied to that Minecraft server, but games like that one appeal to me more than other multiplayer genres I’ve looked at, so I probably will, as long as I don’t feel I have to show up all the time.
  • TVMr. Robot continues to be fascinating, largely because it’s about hacking people (manipulating them, aka social engineering) as well as computers. I finally watched some anime on Saturday, the first episode of One Punch Man, since one of my online acquaintances likes it, and it was better than I expected–cleverer, sillier, more artistic, more thoughtful, and more thematically focused–so I’ll probably keep watching, though I want to sample a bunch of different shows.
  • ComicsFree Comic Book Day is this Saturday, so this week I’ll be investigating graphic novels I might want to buy when I’m in the store.
  • Housekeeping – After many weeks of procrastination, I defrosted the hills of ice in my freezer on Saturday, and its contents are nicely organized now.
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4 Responses to Update for 5/1/2016

  1. Linda W says:

    A Fake Artist sounds like fun! I’ll have to point that out to some gaming friends.
    Haven’t seen One Punch Man nor have I read the manga.

    • Andy says:

      It was fun. I recommend it. We played with 8, and it was easier for the fake artist to win that way. Probably around 5 is better.

  2. Sumurai8 says:

    Noes. My name. It is mentioned on the internet.

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