Update for 4/24/2016

Project updates

  • Math relearning – I’ve paused my pre-K reading to address some unfinished business with my comments on earlier reading–extracting questions I might want to answer as I go through the curriculum. I’ll need at least a couple more days on that. I’m hoping the end result will be a procedure that will give me the kind of depth I want without taking too much time.
  • Books – I guess the next person in line for the Guns, Germs, and Steel audiobook didn’t want it, because it became available on OverDrive again, so it’s once again in my possession. My boss, my coworker, and I are also reading Plato’s dialogue Meno for a lunch discussion in a week and a half.
  • Diet – Monday at last is the day of the blood test that will tell me if my low-carb diet is helping my cholesterol. I’ll reward myself with a cheat day, which will consist of a wrap at Chick-fil-A. Even if I decide to end this diet, I’ve gotten used to avoiding sugar, and I’ll probably keep doing that. My low-carb cooking experiment last week was peanut butter cookies, which were good except for their crumbliness and the slightly annoying cooling effect of the erythritol in the Truvia.
  • Daily routine – I kept a record of my time in the evenings last week, and some of the main culprits in my schedule delinquency were dawdling after work, napping, and wasting time online, which I attribute to fatigue and apathy. I didn’t try to get up early to do my walk and devotions in the morning, and I’m going to put off that experiment for now. I’ve started thinking about the reasoning behind schedules and productivity to see how I could make use of it apart from a routine, though this week I’ll still try to keep my routine, if only as a catalyst for thought on the subject. I also want to come up with a procedure for my devotions so I’ll have more of a clue what I’m doing and I’ll be less motivated to sacrifice them when time gets tight.

Life updates

  • Video games – My Skyblock world with Jeremy is coming along, though there are major differences between normal Skyblock and the one on this server that I’d like to sort out.
  • TV and movies
    • Blade Runner – I’ve been wanting to watch some cyberpunk, mostly for the scenery, so I got Blade Runner on DVD from Netflix, and I liked it much better than the first time I saw it.
    • Doctor Who – I finally got through season 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures, so I’m back to Doctor Who, but while I was away, Netflix removed it from their streaming side, so I spent some time tonight arranging the DVDs in my queue.
    • Mr. Robot – Before I get back into Doctor Who, though, I’m trying out Mr. Robot, a series I’d ignored until Matt on Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know recommended it for its conspiracy themes. I really like it so far, especially since its computer-related aspects don’t sound made up like they are in most Hollywood productions.
    • Anime – I took a step toward watching anime again by collecting happy shows from this Reddit thread and putting them in a list on MyAnimeList, along with some other shows I’d gathered over the years from various sources.
    • Star Trek – One of the actors in Blade Runner was in Star Trek: Renegades, which made me curious about Star Trek fan productions, so I might watch some of those soon.
  • Worship team – Our team played this week, and changes have been happening. We had a guest electric guitar player and a new trumpeter this time, and it was our drummer’s last week before he’ll be out of town for the summer. This week was also interesting because we accompanied the children’s and adult choirs singing the Newsboys’ “We Believe.”
  • Freelancing – My freelance jobs from last week had a couple of minor hiccups, but I still finished them in a couple of days. I really should do some invoicing soon.
  • BirthdayMy brother’s birthday was a few days ago, and I’ve been negligent and haven’t wished him a happy birthday yet. I hope it was a good one, Michael!
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2 Responses to Update for 4/24/2016

  1. Linda W says:

    Happy belated birthday to your brother!
    Sometimes a nap is just what you need, so don’t fault yourself for that. Naps can be restorative.

    • Andy says:

      That’s true. It’s just that usually when I need one, it means I haven’t gotten enough sleep at night, so napping feels like something that needs to be fixed.

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