RssReader is my friend again

I figured out what was causing RssReader to eat up 50% of my CPU (which it was, by the way). It was my huge storage file, which it turned out was impossible even for metapad to open, which never happens. I don’t know if it was the size or something in the file, but I deleted it and started over from scratch, and now the program runs perfectly. 🙂 It still has some minor design annoyances, but those can be overlooked for now. I’m just so glad it’s working because none of the other readers I was looking at did things the way I wanted them to. I am very lazy. I want my feed reader to give me one long page with all my unread articles, sorted by source. FeedReader kind of did that but didn’t seem to want to sort them properly. Maybe it just didn’t like my computer. Anyway, everyone get RssReader and keep up with the news and all your favorite sites (such as this one! :). And don’t store your articles forever. Let them expire, or they’ll eat up your CPU. That’s not a threat; it’s just a fact.

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