Update for 12/4/2016

Project updates

  • Bookmarks – I didn’t work much on the desynced bookmarks situation, but I did think through it enough to start dreading it, since writing a script to merge them was going to take a fair amount of work. Fortunately I’ve come up with a quicker solution to try, and I might be able to wrap it up this week.
  • Project map – My map of all my projects feels like my most important project right now, since it will help me coordinate all my projects better in the future, so this is the one I’ve put the most work into lately. It’s taking shape slowly, like a growing plant, but I do want to move on, and I think with another week or so of work I can call it good enough.
  • Christmas – The project map may feel like the most important, but my Christmas gifts won’t buy or make themselves! I made decent progress on my Christmas stuff last week, and I’ll keep working on it this week.

Life updates

  • Funeral – I attended Ray’s funeral on Saturday, which I thought I was running late to, but it turned out they had a viewing first, so I ended up being early to the service itself. It was a church I’ve visited quite a few times, and the funeral was like a regular Sunday morning service, with a full sanctuary and a full liturgy, which I expected. I felt inspired by the eulogies and the homily, partly because the people speaking were thoughtful and reflective and partly because that’s the way Ray was, and they motivated me to return to some of my devotional practices, so since this came up at an Anglican church, I thought I’d try following the church year somewhat, and I’ve bought a couple of books to help me begin working through it: Welcome to the Church Year by Vicki Black and The Divine Hours: Prayers for Autumn and Wintertime by Phyllis Tickle.
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