Weeknote for 10/23/2022



My friend Heather jumpstarted my election research with links to some helpful endorsements. Other than listening to those, I only got as far as setting up an outline for my notes, but I’m still aiming to drop off my ballot on Saturday.



Event-Based Programming by Ted Faison gave me a detailed map of this paradigm so I won’t have to feel lost when I wade into creating normal, user-driven apps, in contrast with the very linear programs I’ve always written. I was especially intrigued by the thought of using event-based interaction patterns to represent human procedures, such as the book’s example of a cook round-robin polling their pots to detect when they’re done.



I had another dual reaction to The Amazing Spider-Man 2—the highly questionable comic book science that I’m not sure even followed its own rules vs the very relatable human elements. Somehow I really felt this movie despite my low expectations for it.

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