Weeknote for 7/9/2023



Starting on another iteration of productivity system improvement gave me a burst of productivity motivation. I returned to a normal sleep schedule, cut out background distractions to improve my focus, and used countdown timers to limit my open-ended activities.

But most importantly, I set my agenda for the iteration by making a list of my current productivity challenges and some potential solutions. This was so helpful that I’ll probably make it my standard practice. I also started a related side project for improving my research process, also with a helpful challenges list.

This week I’m looking at how I can implement my schedule tracker in Notion.



I lost some hearing in one ear for a day. I woke up Monday with my left ear sounding muffled. Usually that clears up in a few minutes, but this time it stayed that way for hours. My version of worrying is planning, so I started mentally adjusting to a future of worse hearing.

But I was able to see the doctor in the afternoon, and there was nothing else wrong with me, so he recommended antihistamines and prescribed a steroid in case it got worse. But evidently it was just a eustachian tube issue, because after the antihistamines my hearing was back to normal the next morning. And now I know what a sinus rinse and nasal spray are like.



I had another muskrat close encounter. We were both a little surprised.

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  1. Linda W. says:

    Glad your hearing is back to normal!

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