Weeknote for 12/4/2022



For my next iteration in weeknote streamlining I’m reducing the number of topics. Basically they need to be topics I have something to say about so I’m not racking my brain. Hopefully you won’t miss the others too much.

Christmas labels


I made moderate progress on the Christmas labels. Other tasks took the front burner, such as my dragged out blog post. Potentially I can finish the labels this week.



I’ve been trying to identify a rodentlike creature I spotted at one of my local parks a few weeks ago. I guessed beaver, then otter. Last week I found its possible home, a lodge on the water, and ChatGPT told me muskrat was an option. The animal’s size and lodge appearance seem to fit, so muskrat is my latest guess.


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I got a nice image of Jupiter. I took a late walk at the end of the week. The sky was clear, and Jupiter was piercing through the city lights again. So I took another look through my binoculars and seemed to see all four Galilean moons! I was able to grab a good frame from the video on my phone. I identified the moons based on Sky and Telescope’s simulation.


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