Weeknote for 4/17/2022



I fixed my sleep schedule. Now to keep it up.

I’m back to my productivity system update this week. I’ve very much been looking forward to it. I’ll start with compiling my wish list of updates and then prioritizing.

Life maintenance


I finished my taxes Friday. It took a few days. Somehow every year I have issues to figure out, even though my basic tax situation stays the same.



Big Shoulders Harbor Roast Coffee: 4/5. Another good, standard coffee, although it was a little weak unless I used about 3 tablespoons per cup instead of my usual 2.



On my everyday prayer project, I got my scanned prayers ready for editing them down to soundbites. I cleaned up the OCR, removed the irrelevant text, and organized the prayers chronologically so they’re a little easier to think about. I also put the files in a Git repo so I could keep my changes organized. Next comes the heart of the project, the condensing.

Current events


Here are a few more Ukraine podcasts I’ve been following:

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