Weeknote for 4/10/2022



I’m returning to my productivity system update. It’ll continue as my main project until I’m satisfied with the milestones I reach.

My sleep schedule is my main concern this week. My aim is to hold that schedule in place and force my other activities to readjust to it.

Life maintenance


I gathered most of the info for my taxes. Thanks to dragging out my blog post last week, I got a late start on taxes, but info gathering is always the main hurdle, so it should be downhill from here.



I did nothing again on my everyday prayer project. I’m considering it my main side project until it reaches some usable state.

Current events


The past three weeks Ukraine has consumed a lot of my attention. These have been my main news and commentary sources. I’m exploring others as they come onto my radar.




Mostly I rely on YouTube’s recommendations. They tend to come from these:

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