Weeknote for 4/24/2022



It’s a short update this time. Last week I was in the middle of everything I was doing, so there isn’t anything completed to talk about. And nothing big and new happened. Even my Easter was a pretty normal Sunday. But since these updates are mainly about progress reports on my projects, I’ll say a bit about the one I did any substantial work on.



I stumbled onto a natural rhythm for my evenings. Even when I have errands or cooking to do, my new schedule easily gives me an hour or two of “discretionary” time that I can use for projects or whatever else. Emphasis on the easily, since I could carve out that time before, but only with struggle. The rhythm consists of several blocks of major activities (eating, task management, a project) surrounded by transition blocks where I do some predetermined miscellaneous tasks, with the schedule controlled by a few consistent but flexible target times.

I started collecting ideas for improvements to my productivity system. This mostly consists of describing what I do now, the problems that come up, and potential solutions. That kind of work is very satisfying to me, but it takes a lot of time, and I have a lot to write about, so I’m expecting the idea collecting to take a few weeks. But I’ve already come up with some improvements I can make now.

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