Weeknote for 8/21/2022



Last week I struggled with importing my Evernote notes into Notion, but I settled into a groove on transferring my Nirvana tasks. I still have a few more days of work on that, but I’m going to finish integrating Nirvana before I try again with Evernote.



An Introduction to Relational Database Theory by Hugh Darwen revealed to me the hidden predicate logic that underlies relational databases. It dovetailed nicely with the insight I’ve gleaned from both my productivity system and my recent programming at work, that finding simple, consistent ways of slicing a task can dramatically enhance your power to work with it.



Barissimo Adventure Blend Ground Coffee: 4/5. Brewing it tastily was no problem this time, so whatever was happening last time, I’d say this is another good everyday coffee.

Personal development


Give and Take by Adam Grant was a satisfying tour through the intricacies of generosity. It got me to examine my own reciprocity style and where I’d like to move it in “otherish” directions, a style that emphasizes giving without leading to burnout or victimization.

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