Weeknote for 8/14/2022



Last week I replicated my Nirvana setup in Notion as a starting point for my task management. This week I’ll work on moving my Evernote setup to Notion, which will transfer over both a bunch of content notes and some more pieces of my project management.

Personal development


Daring Greatly reintroduced me to Brenรฉ Brown’s work on shame resilience. It alerted me to the need both to learn these skills before I venture into shame-prone situations and to learn ways to communicate and persuade that foster others’ resilience and avoid triggering shame.



I finished season 3 of The Orville, and the show keeps getting better. Charly’s and Topa’s storylines stood out to me, especially watching what Topa’s situation brought out in the other characters.



I’ve been adding to my old dubstep playlist. I hadn’t touched it in several years, but a few weeks ago I stumbled back onto it as an energy source to help me get moving when I’m tired.

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