Weeknote for 11/28/2021

Christmas labels


The main task of the project is rolling along. I spent my holiday time less well than I wanted, but I wasn’t too unhappy with my progress.



I spent a little too much time on Haskell. It’s supposed to be a side project. Anyway right now I’m sorting out the difference between foldl and foldr. Recursion is a tricky beast, but I will understand it!



On Elastic Habits, I replaced my admin habit with social media and moved my tracker to a spreadsheet. Social media has been my foe lately. It’s my Achilles’ heel when I feel too tired to be productive. This conflicts directly with my goal of eliminating waste from my life so I have more time for projects. And since my admin habit is pretty well established now, switching it out seemed like the right move. The goal of this new habit is to limit my time on social media.

Each of my habits has a different relationship to time: Sleep is based on a target clock time (10 pm) with differing degrees of preparation (an Elite score is doing my full night routine by that time). Projects is based on maximizing time (Elite is spending at least an hour-and-a-half on a project). And social media is based on minimizing time (Elite is spending a max of one 15-minute block).

I used to track my habit scores on printouts hung on my whiteboard. Working with physical objects has a certain appeal, but managing the records and calculations on paper was a little too much effort, so I’ve given in to the inevitable and moved it to the computer. It’ll take some experimenting to get the spreadsheet design right, but I have enough to start the tracking.



Barissimo Sumatra Dark Roast Ground Coffee: 4/5. I only struggled a little with the sourness, so I’ll call this one a winner. Wikipedia tells me Sumatra is an island of Indonesia.



I made my own Thanksgiving dinner and celebrated by myself. The crew of the Discovery did join me, but they were stuck in the TV and didn’t know it was Thanksgiving. Dinner was a low-effort affair straight from the cans to my plate, but it was good, and I’m still eating the leftovers. The one exception was my mom’s pumpkin muffins. I worked myself to the bone for several minutes with all the measuring and mixing, and they were delicious.


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