Weeknote for 12/5/2021

Christmas labels


I continued my progress, but I’ll need to carve out more time for it. That should be doable if I cut down on TV, so I’m putting Person of Interest on hold until this project is in a more comfortable place. I have two weeks left for it.



My renewed Elastic Habits had a successful first week. My sleep schedule has returned to normal, and I’ve cut way down on social media. It came just in time, since I was running into a bit of a time wreck. That’s what I call it when several deadlines I’ve procrastinated on happen in a clump. Organization is a great stress reducer, and so I’ve been working through my tasks with pressure but without panic. Once those are all out of the way, I’ll have even more time for the Christmas project.



I found out I like tofu. I had it once at my college cafeteria many years ago and found it to be strange and rubbery, like flavorless mushrooms, which I’ve always considered questionable as a food. Do those things even come from this planet? In recent years I’ve been trying to get over some of my food dislikes. The current effort happens to be mushrooms, partly because I’ve learned what amazing organisms they are. And what better way to make friends with a life form than to eat it?

In the meantime, my cook-through of Betty Crocker One-Dish Meals has run up against a series of beef stew recipes, and I didn’t feel like spending all that money on meat week after week, so I decided it was time to give tofu another try. I went with extra firm so it would hold its shape when I cooked it. The recipe for this experiment was Quick Beef and Vegetable Stew, and it turned out to be really good! The tofu wasn’t like mushrooms at all. It was more like dense bread. And that’s something I need no persuasion to eat. As my old pal Ugluk would say, “Looks like [tofu’s] back on the menu, boys!

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