Weeknote for 1/9/2022



I worked through two chapters of the Org Mode Compact Guide. I’m treating it as a tutorial. I would’ve done more, but various excuses happened. But I’m glad to finally be learning it. I’ve also been jotting down a large number of thoughts on scheduling. Once I learn Org, I’ll try writing an extension that creates a schedule for my tasks.



Barissimo House Blend: 4/5. It was good most days. A nice, standard coffee.



Emacs inspired me to look up text-based games. There’s something magical about the spareness of a text interface, where the immersion comes not from pervasive graphics and sound but from your own mind. And for some of us, on top of that is the magic of nostalgia.

A few things I found: Here’s a long list of Linux games and a short one for DOS. Notable on that list is ZZT, the first title published by Epic Games. Emacs itself also comes with games. I delved into an unfamiliar site for interactive fiction (a.k.a. text adventures), IFDB. And I glanced through Aaron Reed’s series of articles sampling the history of text games, eventually to become a book. I even tracked down the sources of my earliest computer games, Monster and Duck!, which I played on our family’s Osborne 1 waaaaay back in the early ’80s.

Meanwhile for the ambience I listened to medieval-sounding music while revisiting an old YouTube gaming channel where Harris teaches his friend Matt Dwarf Fortress, a game with a book-length tutorial (Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress by Peter Tyson). Years ago I made it halfway through that book before giving up. If I go back to DF, my first quest will be to make it all the way through.

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