Weeknote for 2/19/2023

Life maintenance


In the brief time I had for this project, I planned the iteration and made a few purchases. It seems like half my possessions are wearing out and need to be replaced. I also applied for my REAL ID, which was less of a chore than I expected, despite the long wait at the DMV.



I started listening to W. Chris Winter’s book The Sleep Solution. So far I’ve learned (1) my sleep is pretty good, all things considered; (2) occasional nights of bad sleep aren’t a big deal, at least for health; (3) my sleep hygiene could maybe use a tune-up; and (4) when I can’t sleep, just resting is a good backup option.

I shifted my weekly food management up a day, back to its earlier slot, and that schedule feels much better. It’s easier to make sure the cooking gets done. My meals were running low thanks to cooking disruptions on the other schedule.



Microsoft pulled me back into the Twilight Zone by releasing Bing’s GPT-based chatbot. I don’t have have access yet, but I spent the week reading about it and pondering its weird antics. Some links for you:



I saw some deer on Saturday’s walk in the woods. It was a new-to-me forest I decided to visit because I was in the area to pick up a purchase. There were six deer in that patch of the woods, and they didn’t mind all the hikers on the trail at all.


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  1. Linda W. says:

    Great photo of the deer!

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