Weeknote for 2/12/2023



I’m closing in on choosing the funds for my medium-term investing. There have still been a surprising number of issues to learn about. It’s technically time to pause the project for the next one, but I don’t like leaving it unfinished again, so as with the productivity system, I’ll try to keep this one going on the side.

Life maintenance


The next two weeks are for spring housekeeping. It’s the first of my quarterly project periods where I catch up on miscellaneous life maintenance tasks.



Getting enough sleep is becoming complicated. Time-wise I’ve been able to keep up, but my patterns of sleep and fatigue aren’t as regular as I’d like. How much is enough sleep anyway? What should I do about waking up too early? Why do I sometimes feel groggy even when I do get “enough” sleep? So now I’m observing myself without caffeine, keeping some records, and starting to research the issue.


I’ve continued my Notion tinkering. (1) I started recreating my timeline of projects for the year based on my database for iterations rather than on awkward subprojects. (2) I added a database of generic product names to make grocery planning easier. And (3) I’m trying Notion’s new sub-item feature to create task hierarchies for my projects.

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