Weeknote for 2/5/2023



I inched closer to deciding on the funds to invest in for my medium-term goals. Learning the relevant terminology is seeming more laborious than it needs to be. I’ll continue the research this week.



I’m reorganizing my project documents in Notion to follow Agile’s time intervals of releases, iterations, and days. The Bulletproof Workspace was a good starting point for my Notion setup, but it’s turning out to be too simple for my project management needs, and I’m gradually moving away from it.

I’m creating a food management app for myself in Notion. It’ll help me streamline my grocery shopping. I’m also reorganizing my recipe format to match the workflow of my cooking timer. And I’m going back to buying some frozen meals to fill in gaps that crop up in my cooking schedule. If these steps save me enough time, I can wait on the time-consuming task of collecting quicker recipes for my meal plan.

I flipped my schedule so project work comes before admin. It’s still early in the experiment, but this seems to be a major step in carving out the time I need for my projects. I tend to lose track of time, so putting admin first was always crowding out my project time. The new schedule has worked very well the past few days both at home and at work. I’m sure there are still nuances to work out to keep my admin tasks timely.

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