Weeknote for 1/29/2023



I planned some of the changes I want to make to my project format and organization in Notion. I made some of the changes, but I’ll have to make the rest as a side project.

I made a new rule for fixing my sleep schedule: I have to make up lost sleep within two days. It helped instantly—I get to bed on time now. We’ll see how long I can keep it up.



I’m returning to finances for two weeks. I’ll keep working on medium-term investing and create some procedures for my regular financial management.



I’ve been following the controversy over generative AI among artists. I basically agree with Emergent Garden’s take, but also Aaron Hertzmann’s, and for now I’ll probably only use these models for learning, inspiration, and maybe non-commercial postings.



I’m getting back to my everyday prayer project on the side to prepare for Lent. These are prayers that relate to everyday tasks and circumstances. I’m thinking of starting with prayers I can add to my routine timers.

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