Weeknote for 2/26/2023

Life maintenance


I made better progress on my spring housekeeping. I fixed my Quicken data, did my invoicing, caught up on some cleaning, and found some replacement shoes to buy.

This week’s project: taxes.



I finally got access to Bing’s chatbot, and I’m not sure what to do with it. The way it integrates search seems perfunctory and clumsy, judging from my brief experimentation, and I’m sure can do most research better on my own. It could be good for summarizing long articles though.

In my AI discussion browsing I ran across this interview with Eliezer Yudkowsky about his current views on the state of AI risk. His level of pessimism was sobering. But it only made me want to look into the question more, so I’m listening to his recommended researchers on the other side of the issue.



I finished The Sleep Solution and found out Dr. Winter goes all out on his naps—when they won’t disrupt his nighttime sleep. I also adjusted my nighttime lighting. I enabled blue light filtering on my devices with the f.lux app and the iOS Night Shift setting. And I covered the lights on the electronics in my room.



For Lent I’m listening to The Dictionary of Biblical Imagery and continuing the everyday prayer project. The dictionary is having the desired effect of enriching my knowledge of biblical themes and tilting my thoughts toward the spiritual. On everyday prayer I condensed the first prayer (with the help of ChatGPT) and chose a TTS voice to read it. Next I’ll make a recording, transfer it to my phone, and add it to the appropriate routine timer.

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