Weeknote for 11/21/2021

Christmas labels


I’m going to try to mostly finish this week. I made a little progress last week, but I was not very disciplined in general, partly from coping with my fraying sleep schedule. In principle the holiday will give me extra time this week, so we’ll see if I can take advantage of it. A side benefit of this project is that managing the materials is pushing me to do some housekeeping.



I’m preparing to pick up my Elastic Habits again (video summary). My recordkeeping dropped off a few months ago, and lately my habits themselves have become spotty, so it’s time for a reboot. This week I’ll set up a graph that will make the scoring more meaningful, and I might create some more rules for my EH system. Then I’ll restart the recordkeeping next week with the new project month.



I’ve been enjoying some fall instrumental playlists. What makes music autumnal? Judging by these playlists, it’s mostly acoustic guitar or piano with a relaxing, carefree, bittersweet, or ethereal mood.

These are good soundtracks for taking walks or for the ambience videos I use as animated wallpapers on my extra monitor. In ambience world you can stop the sun and hang out at the lake in twilight for 8 hours.

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