Weeknote for 11/14/2021

Christmas labels


I made decent progress. I’m about at the place I hoped to be a week ago.



I snuck in some Haskell learning and finally finished unit 2. Since this is going more slowly than I wanted, I’m thinking I shouldn’t put off my programming projects till I can use Haskell for them. I’ll work with languages I know.



I’m getting impatient to update my productivity system. It has weaknesses that are causing my time management to degrade as the weeks go by, which gets me down sometimes. But my life is still in much better shape than it was before this year, and that keeps me grateful.



I’ve become more selective about the rocket launches I support. I’ve basically lost interest in Starship because it’s such a troubling program, and it seems even Starlink is a bad idea, though I’m open to rebuttals. But I like the ISS, so I watched the SpaceX Crew-3 launch on Wednesday to take new astronauts there.



I casually followed COP26, this year’s UN climate conference. My understanding is the agreement they came to was definite progress but not sufficient. Fortunately, these conferences don’t make or break the climate all by themselves, and the work continues. I have to say I’m enjoying exploring all the angles on this subject. If you like digging into complicated issues, sustainability is a good one.



I decorated my apartment for fall. I wanted some ornamental gourds, but I settled for apples and leaves.


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