Update for 7/23/2017

  • Sleep – I was much more tired and demotivated last week, despite going to bed at mostly normal times, so I’m going to blame that for how little I got done. This week I’m going to try getting 9 hours a night to see what that does.
  • Project generator – I didn’t do any coding, but I did learn about the next thing I have to code, the user prompts for filling in the templates, and in particular I got a handle on promises, which were really holding me back, since they’re convoluted and confusing but are used a lot in modern JavaScript. It’s been interesting to return to web technologies after so long away from them and to see how much they’ve grown. I don’t think Node.js even existed last time I was doing any semi-serious web development, but it’s convenient that I’m learning some of it for this project because I’ll also potentially use it for a project at work I want to do. Learning this stuff has showed me I need to improve my process for learning new technical material so it doesn’t go so slowly.
  • Beliefs report – Lunchtime is when I usually work on this, but most of those last week got crowded by other things, so I only got around to outlining a little more on my spirituality report.
  • Caring – A few circumstances have been nudging me back toward this project, learning how I can relate to people with more compassion, respect, and other constructive, empathetic attitudes. I don’t know how well I can fit it in with my other projects, but I can at least do some outlining. If I get into this project, it’ll probably help me think about AI ethics too, since I end up relating everything to AI these days.
  • Media
    • Books – I’ve decided to drop Yancey’s Prayer for now, since I wasn’t able to fit the print book into my schedule very well and the audiobook was leaving me feeling a little lost. Right now I’m mostly listening to podcasts on futurism (AI, robotics, transhumanism, and other future technologies), but here and there I’m listening to Eliezer Yudkowsky’s Rationality: From AI to Zombies (ebook).
    • Web video – Ideally I’d be working on projects while I eat dinner, but that’s harder when they involve typing, and lately I’ve been a little bit in a mood for weird things, so I’ve been watching some of my weird web series, mainly EveryManHYBRID and TribeTwelve from the Slenderverse, which I’m watching together because they cross over. I’m also keeping up with Jared Underground’s puppet series, where he creepifies Cookie Monster into an unnamed actual monster, along with other childhood toys, throwing them together in an imaginative and horrifying new setting with some great sound design.
  • Video games – My online friend Sumurai8 joined the Minecraft server I joined a while back, so I’ve been playing on there a little over the past couple of weeks. Saturday we were on together, and since I find typing while video gaming annoying, I broke with my usual pattern of text-only communication and voice chatted, which we’ve never done in the several years I’ve known him. It seems like a small change, but I see it as another step in my master plan to become more verbal in various contexts of my life (not to mention less hypocritical in my preference to hear online people talk).
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  1. Linda W. says:

    I keep thinking I should play Minecraft at some point. It looks fun, but time consuming.

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