Update for 7/16/2017

  • Sleep – I was mostly successful in my first week of getting my sleep schedule under control, and it made a big difference in my mood and alertness and productivity, as I expected. People say diet and exercise improve your state of mind, but I find nothing helps me nearly as much as sleep. I even started cleaning up my cluttered apartment, and the extra energy also got me through the troubles of the week with much less inner drama than I would’ve had. More on that below.
  • Project generator – This is my main project right now, so I’d be working on it anyway, but listening to my AI podcasts has been adding to my motivation, since this project is the bottleneck for all the AI learning and other coding projects I want to do. Last week I fixed my broken test and added a couple more tests, and now I’m ready to add the code to my templates that’ll make them real templates.
  • Beliefs report – To make it easier to list the evangelical beliefs I’ve kept, I collected belief statements from various organizations and denominations that’ve been part of my life over the years. But gathering those reminded me that what I really care and think most about is spirituality, so I made a detour into outlining my current spirituality. I’ll probably write just enough of that to give me a good idea of what’s there, come back to writing the beliefs report, and then finish the spirituality report.
  • Computer – Toward the end of last week, my desktop computer at home developed a severe case of blue screen, and I put on my scientist cap and determined the culprit was the 8G RAM stick I bought a few months ago, so now my computer is working again but back to being slow, and I’m looking into getting a replacement from the manufacturer.
  • Apartment – About the time my computer’s RAM was dying, people were working on the sewer in our parking lot and broke an unmarked gas pipe, so the gas in our building was out a couple of days while they fixed it, which meant no stove, oven, or hot water. The guy who told me about the problem shut off the gas to my oven/stove, and I didn’t know how to safely reset everything once the gas was fixed, so my kitchen was half non-functional for a few days till I could get someone to either tell me what to do or come by and do it for me. This all happened right in time for me to not be able to cook the raw chicken I’d thawed in my fridge.
  • Movies – I saw Spider-Man: Homecoming with Jeremy on Sunday, and I liked it enough that I wouldn’t mind seeing it again, even less than I’d mind rewatching the other MCU movies, mostly because even after getting to know all these other Marvel characters from the movies, Spider-Man is still my favorite, but now closely followed by Iron Man and Black Widow. Partly I like Spider-Man’s acrobatics, but also I like coming-of-age stories, maybe because I feel like I’m continually growing up, and that’s a big part of Spider-Man’s genre, at least in the movies. This one inspired me to keep developing my knowledge and skills, because those are the closest things to superpowers I’ll have, unless I get on board with any transhumanism that takes place in my lifetime.
  • Social life – Several families at church are hosting dinners over the next month or so, and I’m trying to wade back into my church’s social life, so I signed up for one, and it took place on Sunday. The interaction was very organized and introvert friendly, and I had a good time and got to talk with some people I’d been wanting to get to know, so I was glad I went.
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  1. Linda W. says:

    I loved Spider-Man. Glad you liked it.

    Love the dinner hosting at your church. Sounds really enjoyable!

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