Update for 7/30/2017

  • Sleep – My sleep schedule wasn’t great at the beginning or end of the week, but in the middle I actually slept pretty well and was more alert during the day, and since that wasn’t the first week of success in my sleep project, it makes me think I can regulate my sleep for more than two days per year, and that makes me want to keep trying.
  • Project generator – I got the templates working, but before I finalized that part, I started procrastinating, so that’s this week’s task, plus editing the READMEs, and then I think I’ll be done with the first release. Then after updating the coding guide with things I learned while working on the generator, I’ll move on to other programming projects, and I’ll update that generator and create others as I add features to those projects. To speed things up, this week I’m going to ignore the awkwardness of programming while eating dinner and just do it.
  • Beliefs report – I’m still working on the spirituality report. From the thoughts I sketched on the problems I run into while trying to be spiritual, I spun out a basic framework so I could put each problem in context, because I always want a map to navigate any domain I’m working in. Having the framework, rather than just a random collection of disconnected thought fragments, makes me more comfortable with the idea of posting it. A key feature of the framework is that I’d like to develop an individual- and coping-oriented spirituality, by which I mean looking at the whole scope of spirituality, including God’s plan for the world and the life of the church, from the vantage point of the individual’s experience and actions and the individual’s need to interact constructively with the challenges of life.
  • Media
    • Web videos
      • Isaac Arthur – I found this YouTube channel while looking for futurism podcasts, and now I’m watching all its videos in chronological order. If you’re interested in advanced space technology and humanity’s future in the galaxy, I recommend it as a fascinating, well-researched, and well-organized presentation of the possibilities. I’ve made a playlist for your viewing convenience.
      • Zelda timeline – I was in the mood for some mythology, and I decided to dive into video game lore and see if anyone had made sense of the Zelda timeline, which I’d heard is very complicated. If you too would like to spoil the plot of every Zelda game for yourself, I recommend this video, which delivers an hour-long epic retelling of the entire series. I’ll have to watch it a few more times to grasp everything.
    • Movies – I watched Dunkirk with Tim on Sunday, and I have it on solid authority that it is actually good, which happily corresponds with my opinion. I haven’t historically been interested in historical movies, but I like to keep an open mind and branch out when possible, and I’ve had good experiences with the ones I’ve watched in the past few years. As I watched the airplane scenes, I was reminded that engineers of the past were still smart and effective even though they were working with lower levels of technology, and Tim reminded me that more primitive technology can have advantages, since the mechanical controls of those planes would still work even if the power failed. It all reminded me of my interest in the era of technology just before electricity became widespread, and I wondered how much further people could take non-electric technology if they had the interest or need.
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  1. Jeremy says:

    Interesting thoughts on history. Now you have to check out all the historical fiction books.

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