Hotmail hates me too

I’ve just found out that Hotmail also thinks my messages are spam. I am now switching to a new tactic. Whenever I send mail to a new person, I’ll use my Gmail account and ask them to put my thinkulum address in their contacts. I have also just discovered that in Hotmail if you reply to a message in your junk mail folder and the other person replies back from the same address, their reply isn’t marked as junk mail, though their future, unrelated messages are still put in your junk folder, if you haven’t put them in your contacts or safe list. So the Gmail-first method is more reliable.

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One Response to Hotmail hates me too

  1. Abbie says:

    Yeah I noticed that you ended up in my Junk Mail folder a long time ago and fixed it right away, so I’ve had no problems with it. You always end up in my inbox! :o)

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