I’m about to go to bed, but I’ve been meaning to blog, and I have something short to write about.

I stayed at work late tonight, and when I left it was sleeting. It’s still going now. I can hear the grains of ice in irregular fits spattering against the window. I like it. I didn’t like walking out into it, but I like listening to it. It’s slightly cold in my apartment. I could turn the heat up, but I like that too. It reminds me of the time I took a walk in the rain and actually enjoyed it. I hate cold and I hate getting rained on, but somehow, even with the wind, that storm was just warm enough that the rain was only comfortably cool rather than cold. It was like a kaleidescope of sensation, and really I didn’t just enjoy it; I was ecstatic. From where I am inside, this weather is like that in my mind but milder. It makes me feel cool but in a cozy sort of way. It will be good to go to sleep to.

So there’s an obscure passing thought for you. I have tons else to blog about, so hopefully that will happen in the near future.

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2 Responses to Sleet

  1. April says:

    We’ve been having some sleet here too, but it just turned into snow. We are supposed to get as much as 10 inches!

  2. Luv1another says:

    I havnt ever seen sleet or snow only hail :shrug: so whens your next blog?

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