Laundering in the rain

It is very interesting to do your laundry at night when the machines are in another building and there’s a torrential downpour outside. It lends drama to an otherwise mundane activity. Fortunately my building is only a few feet away from the laundry hut, but still I had to wade through a river to get to it, and the river was pouring in under the door and down the drain. I also wasn’t carrying my clothes because I was only moving them from the washers to the dryers. It wasn’t raining when I first took them over.

The front door was shut, but the sliding door was wide open, so I closed it. I think this disappointed the shirtless guy who half collided with it later and ran off again, probably looking for a dry shortcut to wherever he was going.

Someone had turned the lights off, but I didn’t bother turning them on. Lightning is a much more exciting light source. So I shuffled my clothes from one machine to another in the dark, imagining various stormy scenarios. What if there were a prowler stalking about in the rain and he somehow chose this building as the scene of his next crime and me as his next victim? Or what if I were with a group of people, stuck in a small, isolated laundry building together, forced to wait out the storm or to send a single person out for help, and what if I was that person? See? Fun.

I hope it’s not raining again in 20 minutes when my clothes are finished drying.

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2 Responses to Laundering in the rain

  1. Abbie says:

    I’m glad your laundering is so exciting.

    If you were the victim of a crime it would not be fun. It would make me angry. (You don’t wanna see me angry…)

  2. Andy says:

    Of course I wasn’t serious about the crime part. But you know. That’s what watching the X-Files every day will do to your mind. 😉

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