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Just a list of math words

As recommended (by myself to myself), for the measurement chapter of my math relearning project I’ve posted a list of topics to cover (post-time version). It does have footnotes to help me find the topics in my main sources, but … Continue reading

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Experimenting with iterative writing

Okay, two problems. I’ve gotten bogged down in my math relearning project, and I haven’t been posting once a week like I’d hoped. I think I can make progress on both problems if I change the way I’m doing the … Continue reading

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Back to math

After a long detour, I have finally returned to what I consider my main project these days, relearning math. The latest phase still dealt with meta-issues, some fundamental features of math that will probably come up repeatedly through the rest … Continue reading

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Weird things are fun

While I’m finishing up my current main project, I thought I’d post something about a side interest. Every once in a while I go through a phase where I learn about a bunch of weird things. It’s usually the paranormal, … Continue reading

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On Caring

Over the past few years I’ve watched my social skills decline from neglect, and I’ve decided that this year I want to start reversing that course. But I want to do it in the context of a larger project that’s … Continue reading

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Project scheduling and mnemonics

So, it’s been three months. I’ve been working on stuff, but I got thrown off of posting by changing my project schedule to the week-oriented approach I mentioned in the last post. That quickly melted into no real schedule, which … Continue reading

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Almost ready to count!

After many weeks of thinking and writing, at last I have posted the first major chunk of my math relearning project. The result: I now know what a number is. I still need to write about place value and some … Continue reading

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Some rethinking, a trip to Chicago, and a workshop

Last week I added a chapter to my Pychyl summary, posted my first chunk of epistemology notes, posted some of my drawing exercises to DeviantArt, and began reviewing my project choices. The epistemology notes are for the book’s introduction, and … Continue reading

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I haven’t gotten as much done in the last week as I wanted, mostly because I’ve been trying to finish a freelance project and because my sleep schedule is still wobbling, which leads to naps, which throws off my productivity. … Continue reading

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The hive is alive

It might not look like it, but I’ve actually been a busy bee around this place. When I actually faced the fact that I now had a wiki waiting to be filled, I felt a bit intimidated and knew I … Continue reading

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