Just a list of math words

As recommended (by myself to myself), for the measurement chapter of my math relearning project I’ve posted a list of topics to cover (post-time version). It does have footnotes to help me find the topics in my main sources, but nothing more. It feels like enough for a post.

In addition to the reasons I mentioned last time, I’ve thought of another benefit to a breadth-first approach to projects like this one. I tend to lose perspective when I’m diving deeply into part of a topic. I get bogged down in the details and quickly feel like this is the most important topic in the world and I can take as much time as I need on it. Well it isn’t, and I can’t. Hopefully taking a broad view on a regular basis by treating the subject matter in layers will help me keep a sense of the relative importance of all the pieces.

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  1. Linda W. says:

    Now that I know what your short-term goal is, your plan makes sense.

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