Common Core Math Progressions complete

It’s about a month later than I’d planned, but I’ve finished reading the Common Core Math Progressions. I’ve posted my thoughts on them in the Math Relearning project, along with a few thoughts on the Mathematical Practice standards. I was going to take a break before plunging into the actual curriculum, but it turns out I’m a little too eager to get started on the actual math learning, so I’m going to try to read the curriculum alongside the other projects I had on the agenda for my break, such as taxes and another project I’ll post about in the new few days.

I haven’t forgotten about wanting to post every week or so during longer projects. I just haven’t figured out how to get that schedule to work yet. But I’m going to start by modifying the schedule to once every two weeks. That’s how often I post when I’m more on top of it, so I’m adjusting my expectations to my actual pattern. If I can achieve that consistently, then maybe I’ll shoot for something more frequent.

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4 Responses to Common Core Math Progressions complete

  1. Linda W says:

    I wondered when you were going to post again.

    • Andy says:

      I like to keep people guessing! Posting those math comments and reading some articles about blogging have inspired me to spend more time writing, so who knows what could happen?

  2. Have you noticed that it isn’t possible for visitors to comment on your wiki pages? How are we supposed to interact with your thoughts about your projects under these conditions?!

    • Andy says:

      Yes, I have noticed. And I have a plan for addressing that, along with some other deficiencies of my site. I’ll put it in my list of current projects.

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