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These pages are my random thoughts on the Common Core Math Progressions. The Common Core Standards are divided by grade level and, within each grade level, grouped by domain (in the lower grades) or conceptual category (in high school). The Progressions trace the development of each domain or conceptual category across the grades. These documents are helpful for understanding the Common Core approach to teaching math and getting a high-level overview of the topics a CC curriculum will cover.

Each article in this section links to the related Progressions document at the top. At the start of each comment I've given a page number or phrase to indicate what I'm commenting on in the document.

My comments are mostly notes to myself about my personal reactions to the material, so maybe only a few of them are of interest to anyone else. But they're here just in case. If I refer to things you aren't familiar with, there might be an explanation in another part of the Math Relearning project. Otherwise refer to the relevant Progressions document for context.

The index page for the Progressions themselves: Progressions Documents for the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics