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These are my comments on the Common Core Math Progressions document Preface (PDF).

Preface for the Draft Progressions

These people seem to think like I do, especially in their concern for tying math together conceptually, tracing its development from basic to advanced concepts, and clarifying its vocabulary. I also share their concern for paying attention to the ways people learn and the misunderstandings of what they learn that hold them back.

The "Other sources of information" seem worth reading.


p. 8 - Aha! I'm not the only one who uses the terms operational and relational!

The sources in the footnotes seem worth reading too. Especially

Organization of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

The discussion of the structure of the Standards is confusing to me. I don't get the distinctions between some of the categories of features.

Reconceptualized topics; changed notation and terminology

New to me (NTM): "Notation for remainders in division of whole numbers." I've wondered how remainders fit into math for a while. This strikes me as a very good way to think of and notate them.

Terms and usage in the Standards and Progressions