Weeknote for 1/15/2023



I scheduled my movable personal projects around my fixed ones. My year’s plans ended up looking like this: life maintenance, programming, arts, math, and AI. I’m sure the plan will change as the year goes on. I also scheduled my fixed work projects, and this week I’ll try to add some movable ones, although I have less control over that schedule.

For the next couple of weeks I’m working on my productivity system. The updates will cover some combination of these: streamlining my cooking, reworking my project notes format, starting a media tracker, and planning a new schedule tracker.



I’ve tested negative twice for COVID over this weekend, so it’s back to normal life this week. I still need to decide whether testing out of full isolation is helpful in immune-suppressed cases like mine.



Eragon drew me back into a high fantasy mood. This was another series Jeremy’s been begging me to read. I tried reading it years ago, but I gave up immediately because it sounded like stereotypical fantasy, and I was tired of that. But I’ve had a long break from high fantasy, so I was ready to try it again. Plus Jeremy insisted it wasn’t cliché. And he was right! I found it sophisticated and intriguing, and I settled into it much more easily than Twilight. I’ve already placed a hold on the next book, Eldest.

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2 Responses to Weeknote for 1/15/2023

  1. Linda W. says:

    I read Eragon and saw the movie. I didn’t continue with the series though.

  2. Andy says:

    Yeah, I heard the movie was bad. I might watch it just to see what kind of disaster it was. But it’s too bad, that book deserves a good movie.

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