Weeknote for 1/8/2023



I came down with COVID over the weekend, just in time for New Year’s. Compared to my bout in May, it’s been less of a trial this time. I had two days of fever and since then just a congested cough and occasional sore throat, and I haven’t bothered with any medicine. The CDC and the doctor suggest I can return to the office Wednesday, though I might wear a mask while I’m there, depending on my test results.



I scheduled my fixed projects for the year, the ones with deadlines. Those are Lent, taxes, some possible gardening, October media, Christmas, and miscellaneous housekeeping at the end of each season. I’m displaying the schedule in a timeline view in Notion. It’s giving me a much better picture of how much time I have for other projects. I’ll schedule those this week.



ChatGPT has been whirring in the background. I’ve been collecting sources to follow and, of course, more ideas for prompts and projects. I’ve also been sketching an outline for a prompt guide to help myself write them more easily. We’ll see if I get anywhere with that. It’s even gotten me back into learning machine learning to give me an idea of how generative AI works. I’ve started listening to François Chollet’s Deep Learning with Python. We’ll see if that goes anywhere too.

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