Weeknote for 8/29/2021



I’m reevaluating my approach to learning Haskell. I should get used to that, because I’m trying to learn continuous improvement, so I’ll always be reevaluating. Last week I decided to create a practice project for learning the language. Here’s the Github repo. But the careful way I was proceeding was way too slow, so I need a way to speed it up. That will involve either being less thorough or picking a shorter source to learn from. So this week I’ll look at my options and then keep going in some direction. I’ll probably also give myself a more specific deadline for this project.

Extreme Programming Explained by Kent Beck and Cynthia Andres gave me another look at the gist of XP. It was good for background info, underlying principles, and a few ideas for implementation, but for detailed guidance you really have to look other places. Maybe Ward’s Wiki.

Analysis Patterns by Martin Fowler covers a mix of topics around the concept of domain models in software. It’s hard for me to get excited about object-oriented programming right now, but I think parts of the book will still be worth studying when I get back into my modeling project. It reminded me that object modeling is different from ontology engineering, which is closer to what I’m after.



I’m considering going full nerd and moving my productivity system to Org-mode for Emacs. I’d been looking into Notion, but it doesn’t really let me mix tasks and notes the way I want, and it’s not scriptable enough to let me add that kind of functionality. Org-mode is very scriptable, so I’m curious what I can do with it. Of course, this means I have a new learning curve to deal with for both Emacs and Org-mode, but for the right productivity tool, a learning curve can be worth it. It would also give me an excuse to learn Scheme, the functional programming language Org-mode uses for its scripting.



Barissimo Guatemala Medium Roast: 3/5. It was a little sour a little too often.



After several months, on Friday night I had another picnic with my friend Tim. This time it was at the woods near my home. A bunch of mosquitos thought they were also invited. On our walk back we saw a skunk that luckily did not think it was invited.

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