Weeknote for 8/22/2021

Today’s weeknote catches me in the middle of a bunch of things rather than at the end when I usually like to report them, so I’ll just run through them quickly.



I got through the first three-and-a-half chapters of Learn You a Haskell. I’ve decided Haskell will be helpful enough for my other projects that I want to focus on it for a while, so this week I’ll continue with the book, and possibly every week until I finish it. Last week I tried a pattern of reading and highlighting the book one day and then reviewing the previous day’s highlights the next day. At the end of the week I started trying out what I’d covered. This week I’ll try reviewing by coding rather than just rereading, which seems more efficient.

I’ve been casting about for a new theme for my reading, and it seems software development is it. At work I’m juggling several books on several topics to help us plan a new direction for our in-house tools. At home I’m listening to a book I just bought, Analysis Patterns by one of my favorite writers, Martin Fowler. It turns out this was his first book.



I’m starting to think about streamlining my life maintenance. My overall productivity system goal is to maximize my time for projects while staying on top of my other tasks. I’m not fully satisfied with the way I’m handling those, but I’m starting to think about how I can streamline them so I can reach the primary goal of maximizing my project time. This is motivated by my weekly consternation that my project has been crammed into the last 15 minutes of each day (not literally, but close enough).

I’m continuing to add new timers for everyday routines, and they continue to be extremely helpful. I’ve also been adding more medium and short variations so I can adapt to derailed schedules with less thought.

I continue to think about single-machine scheduling. A simple sort of the tasks on importance, deadline, and duration still seems very useful, but beyond that I’m returning to the idea of treating my life as a business and managing my tasks as a program of projects. Once I get back to this project, I’ll explore what kind of system I can set up in Notion using their new timeline feature that brings them closer to a traditional project management app.



I’m thinking about how to streamline my cooking. I’ve revived my project idea of writing a little program to calculate the cheapest and quickest way to meet my daily nutritional needs (while still eating real food instead of resorting to something like Soylent). I’m not sure when I’ll fit this in.



My latest walks in the woods have showed me it’s time to upgrade my photography setup. I’m eyeing the Camera+ 2 app to let me focus on small objects in the foreground, since interesting spiders are not actually blurry in real life.



I spoke with my friend Tim on Saturday, and we may be restarting our regular get-togethers soon. Hopefully we’ll be going on a bunch of walks, since that’s something he likes to do too.

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