Update for 12/10/2017

Project generator


I am millimeters from the first alpha release. Basically I just have to determine what goes in the release notes. After the release and submitting it to npmΒ for others to use, I’m going to take an official break from this project to take care of some other things, mainly organizing my life.



The prospect of other developers finding my generator and my website motivated me to finally upgrade the site to HTTPS. That means that in your web browser’s address bar, you should see some indication that my site is secure. It was way too easy to set up for the amount I procrastinated on it.



I’m still inching through Bonhoeffer’s Advent devotional, which is very thought provoking. It’s satisfyingly jarring to hear him talk about some spiritual principle and then find out it’s from a letter to his parents or his wife. What sound like abstractions are observations about their real situation of being separated by prison walls.

I caught up on Rationality, but I found out the audiobook isn’t finished. They’ve recorded about 47% of it. I bought the ebook, so I could just read the rest, but the readers do such a good job, I’d rather listen. So I’ll try to keep up with it as they release new chapters. But already I feel I’ve been initiated into the ways of Bayesian rationality, and I’m more aware of the community surrounding it, though I haven’t participated yet. I wasn’t planning on diving into critical thinking until after my analysis research, but this book might lure me in earlier.

I haven’t been in the mood for Stephen King since last year when I got only a few scenes into The Stand. But later I put it on hold at the library as part of my Dark Tower listening project, and it finally became available last week, so I decided to give it another try. I was already thinking about existential threats to humanity, so why not a plague? Listening is reminding me how human his stories are. I keep getting wrapped up in the characters’ lives and then remembering that everything’s falling apart and probably none of their worries or hopes will matter in a few days.



Last week’s chapel was an author with a book signing. When it was my turn for a signature, she exclaimed that she knew me, but she didn’t know when or where we’d met. I was surprised because I hadn’t recognized her. I was intrigued, so I did some Facebooking and discovered we overlapped in college. I also recognized her husband and her maiden name, and we had a few mutual college-related Facebook friends. I sent her a message with the answer to the mystery. She replied, “Get away from me, you creep!” Not really, she thanked me. It’s interesting to cross paths with people after so long and see where they ended up.



My iPhone battery has been draining way too fast lately. But unlike last time I replaced my phone three years ago, I’ve decided I’m not in a hurry and I can put off losing my headphone jack a while longer. I’d read the Apple Store could replace the battery for me, so on Saturday I went there to have it checked out. Their diagnostics agreed I needed a new one. But it would take an hour-and-a-half to replace, and I didn’t have time for it that day. So I’ll be going back sometime this week.

Worship team


I didn’t practice my French horn for the Advent Orchestra as much as I’d planned, but I did do some, so I was still a little proud of myself. The performance is next Sunday. As I’d observed in past years, it’s taken about a week for me to feel comfortable playing after my long break. Also as before, I got some exercise unsticking my valves. It’s like I oil them with superglue.

It’s interesting to rehearse with such a wide age range of players–from people older than me all the way down to elementary school. Seeing the students talk after the rehearsals reminds me of hanging around the band hall in my school days. Nostalgia.

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