Update for 12/3/2017

Project generator


I actually worked on this a bit. I’m very close to the first alpha release.



While I make my way through Yudkowsky’s Rationality, I’m tacking on Bonhoeffer’s God Is in the Manger. It’s a devotional for Advent and Christmas drawn from letters and such he wrote while in a Nazi prison.

I bought a bunch of software development ebooks for almost half off. These were specific books I had in mind to read on certain themes, mostly software design. I’ve gotten more organized about my reading, so I’m pretty sure I’ll actually get through them.

Right now I’m on Domain-Driven Design by Eric Evans. Although it’s about software development, it applies to several other areas I care about. I’m considering it the first in my series of books on analysis.

I’m also reading Learning UML 2.0 by Kim Hamilton and Russ Miles, because I’m tired of not understanding everyone’s diagrams.

Worship team


I’ll be in town for our church’s Advent Orchestra performance, so I signed up to play. Our rehearsals start this week. It’s been less than a year since I last picked up my horn, so maybe my lips will be in better shape than usual.

Social issues


On a heavier note, all this sexual harassment news has been weighing on me. I’m glad it’s all coming to light. I can only imagine the horrible situations the victims faced, and I hope it leads to widespread cultural changes. This is obviously a very big problem.

But I also feel for innocent people who may get swept up in the tide of accusations. It’s the kind of possibility that pushes my buttons, because I value being a safe person for others, but I’m also not perfect at social interactions, and I worry about being negatively misunderstood. It doesn’t help seeing some people dismiss these kinds of concerns.

I had a couple of low days last week thinking about all this, but a good talk with Jeremy at dinner helped me back up.

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4 Responses to Update for 12/3/2017

  1. Linda W. says:

    The news has been very ugly lately. I would hate to see someone innocent being accused. We really need God’s perspective!

  2. Your bestie Davvy says:

    You never mentioned how Froststare cancelled out in the last 30 mins ):<

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