Update for 9/24/2017

Project generator


I finally finished my initial pass through the documentation and posted what I have. Next I have some loose ends to tie up, at which point I’ll probably create a beta release, even though I have some other things in mind to add.

Beliefs report


I wrote a bit more on the bibliology section, filling out some details based on my types-of-belief scheme. It’s shaping up pretty well. I might be able to post my revisions this week.



I’m taking a break from my podcasts to catch up on Isaac Arthur’s YouTube channel and the Future of Humanity Institute channel. The podcasts on random topics were good to kickstart my enthusiasm for futurism, but at a certain point I want a more organized, focused, and in-depth look at the issues. These channels are better for that.

Mining Ancient Thought


I got kind of sidetracked toward the end of the week putting together a page on the wiki I’m calling Mining Ancient Thought. It’s a set of examples I’ve collected over the years of researchers who are reexamining old science and scholarship to gain new insights. It’s part of my principle of looking at a topic from multiple vantage points. In this case, historical ones. In the next week or two I want to write more of an intro, and then I’ll be done with it for now.



Last week I tried out The Orville, a new space exploration series by a famous comedian whose other shows I’ve barely watched. It’s sort of a dramedy homage to Star Trek. It’s decent light entertainment, and I liked it pretty well. I’m looking forward to seeing how the show handles social issues, which I’ve heard come up in the third episode.

The Orville reminded me that Star Trek: Discovery is on its way, so I looked it up to see when it was supposed to be starting. I thought it was next year sometime. It turned out it starts Sunday. Annoyingly in the US you’ll need CBS All-Access to watch it, but really I don’t mind. Tim’s going to come over and watch the premiere with me.

My excitement over Star Trek has waned over the years, and the stuff I’ve been learning about futurism has made the franchise feel outdated in some ways. But still I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of show this new crop of people comes up with.

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5 Responses to Update for 9/24/2017

  1. Davvy says:

    I am still not mentioned in your blog therefor i am highly disappointed and I will consider blocking you on all social including Snapchat, Discord , Steam and Twitch.tv I am highly upset that you do not mention me in your blogs as it makes me very sad because I don’t really have a life. I hope by next week you will mention me in your blog as I can not wait and I will be very desperate!

  2. Linda W. says:

    It’s interesting that Star Trek keeps coming back in some way or another. That or Battlestar Galactica or Stargate.

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